Top 3 Beauty Products of the Month: February 2017

This month I have been really into so many beauty trends and products.  The cold New England winter has dried my skin out like never before and I've had to find new ways to keep moisture locked into my skin.  My favorite product this month has been Pearlessence Rose Water.

I am obsessed with this product.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it also totally helps with hydration.  I keep a bottle in my purse (not kidding) and a bottle by my nightstand.  I spray the product when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night- as well about 4-5 times throughout my day.  The great thing is that you can spray it over makeup and it doesn't run.  It's a mist.  But it totally refreshes your skin without the heavy feeling of a moisturizer.



My second favorite of this month is the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer.

Just a smidge ago Urban Decay released a whole bunch of new primers and this one is my favorite!  It comes out of the tube a fleshy-pink color but totally vanishes into your skin.  It's amazing at making your skin look flawless and completely takes away the look of pores.  It also helps with fixing small blemishes and is all around a smooth and beautiful primer.  I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay products and have been since I first got into makeup when I was in high school.  The primer retails for $34 at Sephora and on Urban Decay's website.  This should be a go-to primer for anyone who feels like they just want to even out the look of their skin before diving into their foundation.


My final top-product for the month is the Nubian Palette by Juvia's Place.

nubian palette

While this palette did come out ages ago, I am rediscovering it and falling in love all over again!  It is so reasonably priced (only $25) and the quality is out of this world.  I have never in my life seen shadows that are so creamy and buttery.  And don't even get me started on THE PIGMENT.  Literally these are quite possibly the most pigmented shadows I have ever experienced!  The colors are so amazing and pigmented (I told you I can't get over the pigment.)  Plus the shades of brown, copper, gold, and bronze are everything I have ever wanted in an eye shadow palette.  My only complaint (and I hate to have one but I have to say it) is that there is no shade for a brow bone highlight.  For me to form a look with only one palette, I need a dark color (almost black), a few shades for my lid (all-over lid, crease, and inner corner) and a must have is also a brow bone highlight.  However, despite not having a brow bone color in this palette it is still on my top three palette of all time!  I am obsessed and want more than anything for you to fall in love with this palette just as I (and so many others) have.