A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished

I think one of the most frustrating things in life is when you feel that you go out of your way to help someone, and in return, they stab you in the back.  Recently, I've felt like I've been going out of my way to help people, and when I ask for the smallest favor all I get is a big "no, sorry."  It's truly frustrating.  

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

It's the feeling you get after they say no that is really the killer.  Personally, I'm not one to ask for much, so when I ask someone for help, it takes a lot for me to get up the courage to voice my need for assistance.  If I owed you nothing, I would understand.  But when you are constantly doing favors for someone and you are constantly hearing the phrase: "I owe you", you expect someone to understand if you need help at times.

I know, I'm being totally vague - and for good reason.  Because word spreads and people know people and people know me.  Certain said people may even read this blog occasionally.   ;)   In fact this may be a passive aggressive way of me explaining my feelings ;)

But what else are personal blogs for?

Xx, Cassandra