Honesty Is The Best Policy

Hey Wild Spark Fam, 

Cassandra here.  A whole bunch of you beautiful people have been reaching out recently asking why the site was at a standstill.  The site was started in 2014 as an online store with a social angle. However over time, things changed.  My co-founder, Lucy, and I started this site as a business. And when Lucy left to go secure her place as an all around badass in the world, I lost my own wild spark.  I was happy to see her leave and go after her own dreams.  She is so smart and truly talented.  Seeing her succeed is probably the coolest thing ever - because she is such an inspiration to me.

However with Lucy gone I moved to put out new content and in 2015 I moved to Maryland, USA to start a new chapter in my life.  I had planned a relaunch for the site in 2015; however my personal life got in the way and I found myself spending all of my time working and had little to no time for the site.  And yes, I know I make excuses.  However from 2015 to 2016 I was simply uninspired to work on the site.  It's a lot of work to manage and update a site constantly. However, if it is truly your passion than it does not feel like work.  But that was the problem.  For so long it was no longer my passion.  

I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress.  While these are all things that many people live with everyday, I felt like I had no creative energy.  I spent a lot of time struggling with my identity because I felt like being creative was a big part of me - and then suddenly I woke up to realize that I didn't feel creative anymore.  At the time, working my 9-5 job was enough for me.  

But attention my beautiful readers!  Things are changing and I am finally feeling like my old self again - except this time better!  I'm 23 now, and ready to wake up and smell metaphorical roses.

Please lovelies, stay with me.  It's going to be a little nuts getting back to this whole thing - but unfortunately we can't choose our own dreams.  Our dreams tend to choose us.  And this site chose me.  So, get ready for some crazy shit.  It's about to go down.

Xx, Cassandra