C U Next Tuesday

Cunt.  The word is so volatile and so harsh.  It's like the worst thing you can call someone.  Using the C-word is just usually so offensive.  But why does it have to be?  It's a vulgar way of calling someone a vagina.  Why do we have to refer to it as "the c-word?"  Why can't calling someone a cunt be more like calling someone a bitch?  (I am of course meaning calling someone a bitch in a friendly way...not in a derogatory way.)  You know, the way you call all of your best girlfriends "bitches."  

I was thinking about this a lot recently.  Why can't we start owning the word and making it work for us as oppose to against us?  Why should calling someone a vagina be a bad thing?  Being a female is not a bad thing.  If you're trying to hate on someone why not call them something actually bad...like a piece of shit...or a moldy tomato?  Ain't nobody want a moldy tomato.

xx, Cassandra