Summer Relaunch 2015

Just about a year ago The Wild Spark was born.  In a year, the company has gone through a lot.  

Lucy and I began the company in June 2014 and launched the store officially in July 2014.  We built a company and a brand in a month.  It was a crazy month filled with non-stop work and all-nighters like you wouldn't believe.  The launch in July was good.  We were doing well but I had to go out of the country to China until the end of August so Lucy was left with all of the company's responsibilities I was away.  

When I returned in late August, Lucy was beginning her last semester of college at Boston University and was swamped with pre-graduation engagements.  I was also in school and working as a nanny.  It seemed that both of us had no time for The Wild Spark.  

In January 2015, Lucy decided to leave The Wild Spark for a full time job at a tech company. This step was so important for Lucy and the job was what she went to school for.  I am so proud of Lucy for getting the job she did and for starting her official career off strong.  Lucy is flourishing at her new job and I couldn't be happier.

In February 2015 I took on a new partner and co-owner of The Wild Spark: Linnea.  Linnea is a gem and joined the company to help out with the general big picture functions of the company.  Linnea, a graduate from UMass Amherst accepted a full-time job in Wisconsin. Linnea will stay on helping out where she can while I will run day to day operations.  

With that being said, I am also moving to Maryland and will be attending college there while taking on a new job in Maryland.  My schedule may be crowded, but The Wild Spark remains my true passion.  

The company has gone through a lot in the past year, and so have its founders.  However, there are brighter skies on the horizon.  This summer the company took on two glorious new interns! Erin and Charlotte are helping this company to grow; and with their help, the company will relaunch in August 2015!

We are always looking for help and inspiration so if you are interested in joining The Wild Spark team, just send an email to us through our contact page!

xx, Cassandra