Spring Break is Over


So I want to offer my apologies for the past few weeks.  I was busy embracing spring and digging around for my flip flops.  I apologize for the good weather.  After all, it's the weather's fault that I am outside instead of on my computer inside with perfect wifi.

It's tragic, I know.  Spring break is over and classes are back in swing.  I know, you think spring break was epic, but sadly, all good things must come to an end. 

spring break

If you too are suffering through the last few weeks of classes, I sympathize.  I too, understand the struggle.  The weather is starting to level out and the sun has been making staggered appearances for the past weeks- which makes it impossible to focus on life and the real world.

But even though I know it's hard, you've got to power through, my degree-seeking friends. May is just around the corner and with it- a limited freedom from the broken education system.  So, while your professors are demanding that you finish off the semester strong, take a minute or ten for yourself.  Remember to enjoy the spring and to create a balance between school and life.  You are human, you need to make time for yourself.  So take a chunk of every day and do something for yourself.  Eat pizza instead of a salad, watch Netflix, go shopping, or take a day trip. Do something that makes you happy.

xx, Cassandra