Bubblegum, Baby

Spring is on its way in.  Make way, make way! The new trends are coming!

the devil wears prada GIF

No- no! It's okay, Miranda - it's not florals... it's PINK!

legally blonde GIF

That's right, Elle!  Pink is back in style this spring!  Get ready to see the streets brighten when women finally emerge from their homes after the snow and cold leaves our streets. 

I personally love pink because it's so girly and fun.  You can take a basic sweater and pair it with a pair of jeans and dress it up and add some pep when accessories are pink.  You could also just go all out and go all-pink-everything, cause one can never have too much pink.

sharpay 1

So get ready ladies (and gents) and have your credit cards ready!  Spring is on its way and the mall is waiting for you!

xx, Cassandra