Up All Night(er)

One of the rather annoying requirements that comes around finals season for almost all college students is the infamous string of nights that we refer to as "all nighters."  These nights are often spent in a dorm, study room, or common room.  Students can be found surrounded by caffeine filled beverages and salty snacks while slouched over their textbooks and laptops with a frantic and worried look on their face as they realize the consequences to a semester long session of procrastination. 

The key to a successful all nighter is to be prepared.  The most important piece in the puzzle is to have the comfiest clothes possible.  To achieve maximum coziness be sure to find your comfiest leggings and your most snuggle-worthy sweater.  (For us east-coasters, the warmer the better.)  A fuzzy or comfortable scarf pairs nicely with this ensemble to achieve limitless comfort.  And finally, to accessorize make sure you find your favorite slippers and a pair of headphones so you can turn up some tunes to keep yourself engaged and not asleep on the floor.

Remember, for all you fashionistas out there: finals are the one time where it is not expected that you look your best.  So if your favorite sweater is striped and your favorite leggings are plaid - the world will not end.  Just make sure you spend as much time studying as you spend on Facebook and Netflix.  I, too am a college student so yes, I understand the struggles.  Last semester during one of my all nighters I watched more episodes of American Dad and Family Guy than I care to admit. 

xx, Cassandra