The Dos and Don'ts of Online Dating

I hope your popcorn is popped and you're ready for some fun.  Keep reading to find out my list of dos and don'ts of online dating.  Yes, this is about to be just as hilarious and pathetic as you can imagine.  

Disclaimer: All points made come from experience.  Yes, I've learned a lot and had some horrible dates and thanks to me owning a computer and having a wifi connection, you get to read all about it!

Well let's start off with the basic rule that I really shouldn't even have to say.  


be yourself gif.gif

Literally the most obvious thing ever and I can't believe that I have to write this out.  Don't pretend to be someone else.  Catfish is a funny show but no one likes the feeling of being catfished in real life.  People are online being brave enough to be honest and share themselves with other people.  Don't be the turd that betrays their trust and fucks up dating for them forever.



Again I feel like this shouldn't even be mentioned.  But if you say your favorite food is sushi and then we go out to a sushi restaurant and you don't know (a) how to order sushi (b) know the difference between sushi and sashimi (c) do not know how to physically eat sushi (and d) don't know why they give you the mysterious brown liquid called soy sauce, it's not impressive and now you've got me wondering why you lied about sushi.  It's fucking sushi.


deb from dexter

Ain't nobody trying to end up getting murdered.  And yes, I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now- but think about it.  Especially for women- who are physically smaller and generally not as strong when compared to men- we have to think about safety.  I would rather meet you in a public place surrounded by other people to take sure that (a) you don't look like a weirdo and (b) if you act up there are witnesses.  You never know.  Plus, as the saying goes: safety first.


This is of course a preference.  Honestly I like to chat with a guy online for a few days before we make plans to meet up.  Like maybe one or two days of chatting on an app followed by a day or two of texting.  Then- I think it's totally cool to meet up.  But if the conversation goes something like:

Guy: Hey, you have nice eyes

Me: Aw, thanks that's sweet of you to say

Guy: Hey we should meet up later- what's your drink of choice?

I will most likely either not respond, or instead I'll reply with:

Me: Rosé

And from there I'll hope he forgets about asking me to go for drinks that night.  I think it's just hard because you want to try and gage someone's personality before you agree to meet with them because there are certain questions and answers that can help you narrow down the lot and see if a person is right for you.  And if you just go in blind, you could be wasting both of your time.


Notice how I said pictures. PLURAL.  A person with one picture is sketchy AF and a person with one picture that happens to be a group picture is especially sketchy AF.  I think most people should have between 3-5 pictures on their profile.  And said pictures should all be within the last 1-2 years.  It's totes okay to have a travel picture or two from a few years ago up, but make sure that for the most part you make sure your pictures are up to date and bare a recognizable resemblance to your current face.


I have seen this so many times and honestly, it gets me so mad.  All I can think about is that you are married or are in a relationship and are cheating.  There is no reason why you should crop your face out or cover it with an emoji in your profile pictures.  I was once messaged by a guy who had cropped his face out of his pic and here is how the convo went down:

DISCLAIMER: This is the convo verbatim.  I'm changing this guy's name to Shithead for his own privacy.

Shithead: Hi

Shithead: You're beautiful

Me: I would say ditto but you literally don't have a picture with your face...Kinda shady lol

Shithead: I'm sorry ;( I don't wanna people to see me here. I'm really sorry Do u have a kik Bec I can show u my pic on it.

Me: Nah dude. That's wack. Now you got me questioning why you don't want people to see you- that's shady shit that cheaters do.

Shithead: ;(

Shithead: I'm sorry sweetheart Good luck with everything If you wanna talk I'll be here ;)

Me: Like if I'm on here being 100% open and honest why should you be allowed to see my cards but I can't see yours...shady

YES PEOPLE: that was our convo- spelling errors and all.  I then proceeded to block him cause...ew.

There are so many things wrong with this convo only the first being that he had no face pics.  Firstly, what the actual fuck is a winking frowny face??? Like dude- no.  Secondly, only weirdos who are 27 use kik.  Kik is an app aimed at like 14 year olds.  And lastly, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING ME SWEETHEART WE JUST STARTED TALKING I DON'T KNOW YOU EW WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU LEAVE ME ALONE.

So there you have it- my list of Dos and Don'ts in regards to online dating.  I have so many more but I won't make you suffer through more unless you ask.  Let me know by leaving a comment or liking the post below if you want to hear more about my thoughts on online dating.  Until next time...

Xx, Cassandra

A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished

I think one of the most frustrating things in life is when you feel that you go out of your way to help someone, and in return, they stab you in the back.  Recently, I've felt like I've been going out of my way to help people, and when I ask for the smallest favor all I get is a big "no, sorry."  It's truly frustrating.  

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

It's the feeling you get after they say no that is really the killer.  Personally, I'm not one to ask for much, so when I ask someone for help, it takes a lot for me to get up the courage to voice my need for assistance.  If I owed you nothing, I would understand.  But when you are constantly doing favors for someone and you are constantly hearing the phrase: "I owe you", you expect someone to understand if you need help at times.

I know, I'm being totally vague - and for good reason.  Because word spreads and people know people and people know me.  Certain said people may even read this blog occasionally.   ;)   In fact this may be a passive aggressive way of me explaining my feelings ;)

But what else are personal blogs for?

Xx, Cassandra

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Hey Wild Spark Fam, 

Cassandra here.  A whole bunch of you beautiful people have been reaching out recently asking why the site was at a standstill.  The site was started in 2014 as an online store with a social angle. However over time, things changed.  My co-founder, Lucy, and I started this site as a business. And when Lucy left to go secure her place as an all around badass in the world, I lost my own wild spark.  I was happy to see her leave and go after her own dreams.  She is so smart and truly talented.  Seeing her succeed is probably the coolest thing ever - because she is such an inspiration to me.

However with Lucy gone I moved to put out new content and in 2015 I moved to Maryland, USA to start a new chapter in my life.  I had planned a relaunch for the site in 2015; however my personal life got in the way and I found myself spending all of my time working and had little to no time for the site.  And yes, I know I make excuses.  However from 2015 to 2016 I was simply uninspired to work on the site.  It's a lot of work to manage and update a site constantly. However, if it is truly your passion than it does not feel like work.  But that was the problem.  For so long it was no longer my passion.  

I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress.  While these are all things that many people live with everyday, I felt like I had no creative energy.  I spent a lot of time struggling with my identity because I felt like being creative was a big part of me - and then suddenly I woke up to realize that I didn't feel creative anymore.  At the time, working my 9-5 job was enough for me.  

But attention my beautiful readers!  Things are changing and I am finally feeling like my old self again - except this time better!  I'm 23 now, and ready to wake up and smell metaphorical roses.

Please lovelies, stay with me.  It's going to be a little nuts getting back to this whole thing - but unfortunately we can't choose our own dreams.  Our dreams tend to choose us.  And this site chose me.  So, get ready for some crazy shit.  It's about to go down.

Xx, Cassandra


I was going through old files on my computer recently when I found some writing I did while in high school.  Now back when I was 17 I thought I was going to be a stand-up comedian.  Boy, was I wrong.  I mean, I'm funny to some...but definitely not funny enough to have a career in comedy.

Anyway, while searching through my computer I found old word documents from when I was still in high school.  I had written down jokes and stories on different topics.  One of the funnier ones I found was one I had written about trophies.  Apparently I had some strong opinions on participation trophies.

So, for your entertainment only, I give you 17 year old Cassandra's views on participation trophies:

"You know when you were younger and you got a trophy for participation.  A lot of people are like “fuck that!  You should get a trophy because you won the game not because you ‘participated!’”  You know what I say to that?  I say “fuck you!”  I was not good at sports when I was younger- I was okay at basketball but I sucked at every other sport.  And you know why?  Cause I was lazy and hated running!  I was the typical American child!  I was like why can’t I just hire someone to run for me?!  Just kidding- I was on a strict $2 a week budget- times were tough and allowance was crap!  But anyway- I was bad at sports and had low self-esteem so I hated those people who mocked participation.  I was like “well excuse me!  I fucking participated!  I deserve a trophy!  You don’t understand how fucking hard it is to participate!  We have stars on our team, and I get it- I’m like a penguin waddling around, but I fucking participated and therefore I deserve a trophy!”  Those fucking successful people who cringe at the abomination of people getting an A for effort!  I applaud the participators! "

So there you have it!  A little TBT (or throwback monday) action to a younger version of myself.  Show the like button some love!

Xx, Cassandra

C U Next Tuesday

Cunt.  The word is so volatile and so harsh.  It's like the worst thing you can call someone.  Using the C-word is just usually so offensive.  But why does it have to be?  It's a vulgar way of calling someone a vagina.  Why do we have to refer to it as "the c-word?"  Why can't calling someone a cunt be more like calling someone a bitch?  (I am of course meaning calling someone a bitch in a friendly way...not in a derogatory way.)  You know, the way you call all of your best girlfriends "bitches."  

I was thinking about this a lot recently.  Why can't we start owning the word and making it work for us as oppose to against us?  Why should calling someone a vagina be a bad thing?  Being a female is not a bad thing.  If you're trying to hate on someone why not call them something actually a piece of shit...or a moldy tomato?  Ain't nobody want a moldy tomato.

xx, Cassandra

Music Mondays! Episode 1

We've started a web series! And we're calling it Music Mondays- because Music Tuesdays sounds dumb.  Ideally we want to post new videos every week but in actuality new videos will probably hit the site once a month for this series.  That's because we have other series' and videos in the works!!!  So get super stoked and join us as we bring you- for the first time ever- Music Mondays!

Xx, Cassandra

Relaunch and New Content

Hey hey lovelies!  It's been forever, yes, I know!  So here's an update.  I moved to Maryland over the summer, and then decided that while I love the state and its people, I love Massachusetts and my friends from home just a wee bit more.  So, I moved back to the state of all of the best sports teams (Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins...) and got a job and an apartment, and now I live with two dope roomies and two super cute kittens.

So enough about me...for now...

Some of the new content coming to the site is as follows:

We will have a Food page where you can find recipes and how-to videos and restaurant reviews.  We will have a fashion page devoted exclusively to fun fashion trends and advice. The blog will remain up as a more personal look into my life with new entries less often than before because of all of the other content.  The blog will have videos and random bursts of things I find important to let you all know.  And for another BIG change.  The store will remain up and new items are on the way- but the store will be run differently.  For now, we have taken down the "Supports Our Sparks" concept of the site.  We want to bring it back soon, however we need more sales to have a better prize.  Not to mention we need to build our inventory back up.  We are a start-up run by young twenty-somethings, so we are not rolling in the dough.   For those of you who are looking to start your own business, I totally encourage it, The Wild Spark has taught me so much and I love it with all my heart.  We made mistakes and learned from them and the first mistake (and definitely not the last one) was picking winners before we had enough financial stability as a company.

I love you all and want to support you all.  I also want to thank you all for committing to The Wild Spark and for checking in with us to see when we're coming back up.  I have gotten so many e-mails and messages from you all and we are thrilled that you love the blog and concept so we are working to help move things forward.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The support you have given us has helped more than any dollar amount could ever compete with.  

If you would like to join us, or have cool ideas for content, let us know on the Contact page and we will get back to you and see if we can work together!  Stay patient and beautiful!

xx, Cassandra

Summer Relaunch 2015

Just about a year ago The Wild Spark was born.  In a year, the company has gone through a lot.  

Lucy and I began the company in June 2014 and launched the store officially in July 2014.  We built a company and a brand in a month.  It was a crazy month filled with non-stop work and all-nighters like you wouldn't believe.  The launch in July was good.  We were doing well but I had to go out of the country to China until the end of August so Lucy was left with all of the company's responsibilities I was away.  

When I returned in late August, Lucy was beginning her last semester of college at Boston University and was swamped with pre-graduation engagements.  I was also in school and working as a nanny.  It seemed that both of us had no time for The Wild Spark.  

In January 2015, Lucy decided to leave The Wild Spark for a full time job at a tech company. This step was so important for Lucy and the job was what she went to school for.  I am so proud of Lucy for getting the job she did and for starting her official career off strong.  Lucy is flourishing at her new job and I couldn't be happier.

In February 2015 I took on a new partner and co-owner of The Wild Spark: Linnea.  Linnea is a gem and joined the company to help out with the general big picture functions of the company.  Linnea, a graduate from UMass Amherst accepted a full-time job in Wisconsin. Linnea will stay on helping out where she can while I will run day to day operations.  

With that being said, I am also moving to Maryland and will be attending college there while taking on a new job in Maryland.  My schedule may be crowded, but The Wild Spark remains my true passion.  

The company has gone through a lot in the past year, and so have its founders.  However, there are brighter skies on the horizon.  This summer the company took on two glorious new interns! Erin and Charlotte are helping this company to grow; and with their help, the company will relaunch in August 2015!

We are always looking for help and inspiration so if you are interested in joining The Wild Spark team, just send an email to us through our contact page!

xx, Cassandra

Spring Break is Over


So I want to offer my apologies for the past few weeks.  I was busy embracing spring and digging around for my flip flops.  I apologize for the good weather.  After all, it's the weather's fault that I am outside instead of on my computer inside with perfect wifi.

It's tragic, I know.  Spring break is over and classes are back in swing.  I know, you think spring break was epic, but sadly, all good things must come to an end. 

spring break

If you too are suffering through the last few weeks of classes, I sympathize.  I too, understand the struggle.  The weather is starting to level out and the sun has been making staggered appearances for the past weeks- which makes it impossible to focus on life and the real world.

But even though I know it's hard, you've got to power through, my degree-seeking friends. May is just around the corner and with it- a limited freedom from the broken education system.  So, while your professors are demanding that you finish off the semester strong, take a minute or ten for yourself.  Remember to enjoy the spring and to create a balance between school and life.  You are human, you need to make time for yourself.  So take a chunk of every day and do something for yourself.  Eat pizza instead of a salad, watch Netflix, go shopping, or take a day trip. Do something that makes you happy.

xx, Cassandra

9 Must Have Beauty Products

Good beauty products are hard to find.  And how will you know if the products you buy really work?  Shopping for beauty products can be a gamble.  But- it doesn't have to be.

One of my favorite products recently has been the Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips.  You can find them pretty much everywhere from CVS to Amazon.  The all-black box differentiates the charcoal pore strips from the regular pore strips.  You want the charcoal ones, trust me.  Also, lesson learned: don't skimp and buy the store brand or CVS brand of these strips.  Though you might save a couple bucks, the quality of the store brand is definitely worse.  Get rid of your black heads and clear those pores with Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips.

regina george

Another fun way to clear out the gunk from your face is to use the GLAMGLOW Super Mud. GLAMGLOW makes several products, most of them godsends, but the Super Mud is one of the best.  It comes in cute white and silver packaging and can be a bit pricey, but is totally worth the dough.  While the full size is $69, you can sometimes find the smaller size ($19) at select Sephora locations.  This mask is the coolest.  It goes on your skin dark gray/black and it dries light gray.  The coolest part?  When it dries, there are little dark dots showing your pores where the gunk has been cleaned out (most noticeably on your nose.)

glam glow

Another GLAMGLOW miracle product? Thirsty Mud.  The blue and silver packaging identifies this great product.  This mask is more creamy and while it looks like your skin will just soak it up, you do need to take a warm wet wash cloth to take off the mask after you're done with it. I've always had dry patches of skin on my face and it always looked super weird when I would wear makeup and parts of the foundation on my face would look crusty or dry.  I tried every lotion on the shelf and at best, it took at least two days of consistent use to see any improvement. Now, I use Thirsty Mud.  I saw results after just one use, and I use it weekly for best results. Now, my foundation looks flawless because my skin is super hydrated.

Another product to keep your skin pure and beautiful is the Dream Pure BB Cream from Maybelline.  This BB cream is perfect for everyday use as well as when you head out at night. The Dream Pure BB Cream is the first of its kind from Maybelline and not only covers up those blemishes, but it also helps to clear your skin as well.  I swear by this product and love the oil free formula because it's so lightweight.  And for all of you bargain hunters, it's definitely one of the cheaper BB creams out there.   

Once the foundation/BB Cream is on, you want to powder your face for a clean finished look. Make Up For Ever makes a beautiful HD Power that is a must have for any person who wears make up on "the regular."  Brushing this over your face adds a polished look and makes your makeup job look nothing short of professional.

Primer time! Well, eye primer that is.  The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is the only eyeshadow primer I use.  Urban Decay was spot on with this creamy and lightweight potion. Plus, it works, and even the lightest of powder eyeshadows will stay on with this beauty must have!

Once the primer is on, it is time to go for the eyeshadow.  There are a lot of great palettes out there, including the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, but my favorite one is the Stila "Eyes Are The Window" Palette in "Soul."  The palette comes complete with 12 beautiful shades that allow you to do everything from a smokey eye, a professional look, and girly sparkly eyes.  I swear by this product and use it exclusively.  It's small enough to fit easily in your purse and lasts forever.  I've used the palette for everything from eyeshadows to defining my brows.  It's perfect for everything and is worth every dollar.

miley makeup

One of the worst feelings is when you're sitting at dinner and you excuse yourself to the bathroom.  You look in the mirror and gasp.  Your lipstick has smudged and rubbed off leaving a ghastly liner solely remaining.  Well, if you're like me, then you are through.  Say hello to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.  (You're welcome.)  This beauty comes in 14 shades from Sephora and as of 2015 is part of the birthday gift for Sephora Beauty Insiders.  One of the reasons that this perfect lip pencil is amazing is the fact it will stay on all through dinner (and even through dessert.)  The packaging looks like a lip balm, but goes on like a lipstick.  It's a bit pricey, coming in at $26, but well worth it.

Your face is ready!  You can pat yourself on the back- you've clearly earned it.  But now, what do you do to ensure that the face you just spent hour(s) on will stay perfect all day (and night) long?  Easy.  Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is a definite way to keep you looking fresh.  Use 4-6 sprays across your face in an "X" or "T" formation to ensure total coverage.  I swear by this product; the bottle is $30 but it will last you a good long while.

Any beauty products that you love but didn't see here?  Let us know in the comments and we'll check them out!

xx, Cassandra

Bubblegum, Baby

Spring is on its way in.  Make way, make way! The new trends are coming!

the devil wears prada GIF

No- no! It's okay, Miranda - it's not florals... it's PINK!

legally blonde GIF

That's right, Elle!  Pink is back in style this spring!  Get ready to see the streets brighten when women finally emerge from their homes after the snow and cold leaves our streets. 

I personally love pink because it's so girly and fun.  You can take a basic sweater and pair it with a pair of jeans and dress it up and add some pep when accessories are pink.  You could also just go all out and go all-pink-everything, cause one can never have too much pink.

sharpay 1

So get ready ladies (and gents) and have your credit cards ready!  Spring is on its way and the mall is waiting for you!

xx, Cassandra

Black and White and Read All Over

What's black and white and read all over?   A newspaper?  No.  These rad tees.

One of the style trends that I can't seem to get enough of are the black and white tees with simple text across the center.  These are so simple and creative.  You can create a focal point with these cute and witty tops by putting one of these bold statements across your front.

These shirts allow you to get creative and express your mood in a fun and simple way.  

xx, Cassandra

Warm for the Winter

It's just getting ridiculous now.  The amount of snow the east coast is getting in combination with the sub-zero temperatures is making life close to unbearable.  Each weekend, almost on schedule, the snow has come back for four weekends in a row.  In Boston, we have no where to even put the snow.  So, If you're stuck inside, or are just bored and cold, below are some products to help you out this winter.

With the cold temperatures, it's important to stay extra warm, so make sure you keep yourself bundled up with blankets on blankets.  If you're stuck inside all day and night, use the time to relax and de-stress.  Don't let your skin dry up and your lips chap.  Add some lip balm, light some candles - maybe even take a bath and put on a nice facial.  In the words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation: "Treat yo self."

Make a pot of tea and curl up with a good book or in front of your computer so you can binge-watch Netflix.  Don't forget people - Netflix is releasing season 3 of House of Cards on February 27th, 2015! 

Stay warm and stay safe!

xx, Cassandra

Back to Black

Classics never go out of style.

One of the latest styles to make a comeback is the concept of "all black everything."  Black is probably the most flattering and forgiving color to wear, mostly because it's naturally slimming, but also because it looks good on everyone.  You can do so much when you wear all black including going crazy with accessories without looking odd.  Also, if everything you're wearing is a solid color, adding a small touch of a bright color will make that one thing stand out and be the focus of the whole outfit.

Kendall Jenner is a big fan of the "black on black" trend, stepping out at NYFW in a gorgeous ensemble.  Kendall layered on the black leather with her black leather boots and leather fringe skirt.  With her buzzing modeling career, Kendall is turning in her previous California vibes for a now more posh and sophisticated New York style.

Kendall Jenner attending the Kanye West x Adidas Originals show at NYFW.    Photo  © ACE/

Kendall Jenner attending the Kanye West x Adidas Originals show at NYFW.  

Photo © ACE/

While the Kanye West x Adidas Originals show was a mess and the "clothing" in the show was barely that - clothing - Kendall, (who was not in the show, only in attendance) looked fabulous and very stylish.

While we can't all afford Kendall's designer style, The Wild Spark is offering you some ideas below so you can put your own twist on the "all black everything" fashion trend.

xx, Cassandra


"I'mma make you beg, I'mma make you beg for it."  You got me.  I'm begging for these shoes!

YES, YES, YES!!!  Oh my lord, you have no idea how happy this makes me!  Not only do I feel as though Iggy is my spirit animal, but I am obsessed with her style.  This collection is absolutely stunning and perfect for summer.  

Firstly, let me just start by going cray over the colors!  Most shoe lines limit the amount of color. Especially in the US, most of the shoes are black, brown, or red.  I-G-G-Y is on point!  Pinks, blues, sea foam greens, oranges, purples - even some metallics!  My happiness level is off the charts right now.

This collection has everything: zippers, color-blocking, jewels, and best of all: these shoes just exude fun!  

$2,978.75.  I've added up the cost of all of the shoes in all the different colors that I want.  I've got a lot of money to earn.  Like: sell-my-kidneys-on-the-black-market type of money.

I've got to be "work, work, work, work, working on my sh*t."

xx, Cassandra

Date Night with Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is here!  Everything is set: reservations are made, flowers ordered - all that's left is to find the perfect outfit.  Date night standards are usually insanely high when the fourteenth of February rolls around but no worries ladies - we've got you covered.  Below is a little dash of inspiration to help you looking stellar for a date night out with your partner.

One of my favorite things about getting ready for Valentine's Day is the accessories.  I don't know why, but it's the one holiday where I spend extra time going through and finding the perfect jewelry, the best shoes, and the most beautiful small pendant necklace.  You can use your jewelry to dress up even the simplest of piece of clothing.  Your jewelry doesn't have to be clunky and chunky to stand out, sometimes picking out simple little pieces can accent your dress or top nicely without being too noisy.

Finding the perfect dress is another feat all on its own.  You want the dress to be sexy, but not trashy, and breathtaking, but not too much.  The struggle is real (we 100% understand) and to help you out we have given you two options below.  Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have to go with a red dress, but if you're feeling like being bold - go for it!

Remember, while it's easy to get caught up in the details and the material things, Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the love.  So, if you spill food or wine, or if the reservation falls through don't stress.  It's all about spending time and showing appreciation for your partner.  You can have just as much fun cooking together at home in your PJs - and it's probably a lot cheaper too! 

xx, Cassandra

Baby, it's cold outside.

As winter progresses and the low temperatures continue, less of a concern is given to fashion as people aim to try and stay warm.  But - have no fear, The Wild Spark is here!  We want to help you out and give you some ideas for maintaining a fashionable appearance while staying warm and cozy.  

The trick to surviving winter is to make sure that you are fully covered.  Hats, scarves, gloves/mittens - you can never have enough.  Color coordination is a great way to make sure you step out into the winter weather looking stylish and put together.  As seen below, I've taken a cute off-the-shoulder dusty rose pink sweater and paired it with a forest green coat and some grey and black winter accessories.  I love all of these colors together.  This color set is very simple and stylish while still allowing you to be bundled up.  

The next set reminds me of Olivia Pope from Scandal.  The coat looks so much like something that Olivia Pope would wear with its simple cuts, jumbo collar, and its belt.  The tan/camel color can be paired with almost anything which allows for some creativity.  To make sure you keep the heat in, I have paired the coat with a nice cable-knit ivory sweater and some accessories to complement it.  A beautiful navy fedora with a navy, black, and dark green plaid scarf steal all the attention in this outfit.  The tan gloves look nice against the darker accessories they are paired with and the faux-leather material adds a nice and professional feel that can be best complemented with the tan booties of similar coloring.

xx, Cassandra

Up All Night(er)

One of the rather annoying requirements that comes around finals season for almost all college students is the infamous string of nights that we refer to as "all nighters."  These nights are often spent in a dorm, study room, or common room.  Students can be found surrounded by caffeine filled beverages and salty snacks while slouched over their textbooks and laptops with a frantic and worried look on their face as they realize the consequences to a semester long session of procrastination. 

The key to a successful all nighter is to be prepared.  The most important piece in the puzzle is to have the comfiest clothes possible.  To achieve maximum coziness be sure to find your comfiest leggings and your most snuggle-worthy sweater.  (For us east-coasters, the warmer the better.)  A fuzzy or comfortable scarf pairs nicely with this ensemble to achieve limitless comfort.  And finally, to accessorize make sure you find your favorite slippers and a pair of headphones so you can turn up some tunes to keep yourself engaged and not asleep on the floor.

Remember, for all you fashionistas out there: finals are the one time where it is not expected that you look your best.  So if your favorite sweater is striped and your favorite leggings are plaid - the world will not end.  Just make sure you spend as much time studying as you spend on Facebook and Netflix.  I, too am a college student so yes, I understand the struggles.  Last semester during one of my all nighters I watched more episodes of American Dad and Family Guy than I care to admit. 

xx, Cassandra

Welcome to The Wild Spark!

Hello, lovelies - Cassandra here!  I want to welcome our readers and customers to  Our main goal for The Wild Spark is to create a website that combines accessible, affordable, and stylish clothing along with an open dialogue with our customers.  We want to really know and communicate with our sparks.  We also want to help you all achieve your dreams like Linnea and I are doing with this site.  If there is anything that we can do to help you out then let us know!  

We created this blog to share our fashion and lifestyle faves with our lovely followers.  Don't be a stranger - if there is anything you want to see or share with us hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook at @ShopWildSpark.  We would cease to exist without our supporters, so from the bottom of our hearts, "thank you."

xx, Cassandra